What does it mean to dream that you can't find the new shoes you just bought?

For those who dreamt of not being able to find the new shoes they just bought:It implies a poor performance in liberal arts, which will affect their admission.

People dreaming of businessmen dreaming of not finding new shoes represent removing old vices and reorganizing their business.

People traveling dreamed of not finding new shoes just bought:Suggests having friends and relatives to go along is auspicious, be careful with fire safety.

Pregnant people dreaming of not finding new shoes just bought:Foretells the fall accounted for the birth of a woman in August, the rest may give birth to a man.

This year's people dreamed of not finding new shoes just bought:Means that it is appropriate to guard do not enter, reluctant to act, there is a loss, not big investment.

Traveling people dreamed that they bought the car can not be found:Suggests that winter in the ice and snow is unfavorable, spring and summer is favorable.

People dreaming of just buying a house can not be found:Means that in recent years it is appropriate to keep the success, peacefully get wealth and profit.

Pregnant people dreaming of a just-bought white car can not be found:Predicting the birth of a daughter, more careful diet.

People in love dreaming that their sister is wearing new shoes just bought:Suggesting that do not quarrel over small things, too strong people are difficult to match into a pair.

Dreaming of not being able to find new shoes just bought:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, wealth in the southwest direction, peach blossom bit in the north direction, lucky number is 3, lucky color is yellow, lucky food is seafood.

Doing business dreamed of shoes can not find wear dad's new shoes:There are small people design, profit is not smooth, a little change to smooth.

Doing business dreamed that just issued a new book can not be found:On behalf of seizing the opportunity to try to play, smooth success. The people who went to school dreamed of buying a new book and could not find it.

People who go to school dreamed that the house they just bought cannot be found:Means that they will be admitted smoothly as they wish.

Doing business dreamed that his sister was wearing the new shoes he just bought:Representing half of the gains and losses, it is appropriate to retreat and defend. If a big investment is in trouble.

People dreaming of not being able to find a place to park in the current year of life:Roughly smooth, in the stability of caution against accidents, over just suffered failure.

Those who dreamed of wearing new shoes and could not find the old ones:It is recommended to stop when encountering wind and postpone going out.

People in love dreaming of not finding new shoes just bought:Suggesting that for a small matter and quarrel, should explain the misunderstanding clearly.

People dreaming of just buying a white car can't find it:Means traveling out carefully, pay attention to safety on the way, be careful to prevent injury.

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