Dreaming of a black zither chicken

A pregnant woman dreaming of a black zither chicken predicts the birth of a daughter.

Those who are traveling dreamed of black qin chickens:Suggest postponing the trip for two months.

People in business dreamed of black zither chicken:Representing not to expand business, suitable to keep, stable can get wealth and profit.

People in love dreaming of black zither chickens:Suggesting that as long as mutual trust, marriage can be accomplished. In the fall, there are joyful celebrations.

People dreaming of black Chinchillas means that they cannot enter their ideal school as they wish. If you have confidence:You can start again.

For a businessman to dream of stealing black chickens:It means business is not going well, unable to turnover, and eventually stop.

To dream of black chickens suggests trouble in love.

A pregnant woman dreaming of black chickens will give birth to a boy. A girl is born in June or July.

A traveler dreaming of a black chicken and a yellow chicken suggests delaying the departure in case of a slight stop in the wind.

A dream of a schoolgoer seeing a lot of black chickens in his house means that he fails to pass the exams.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a black chicken predicts the birth of a daughter:And refrains from doing heavy work.

A traveler dreaming of black and white chickens is advised to just postpone the trip and return home safely. Be careful on waterways.

Travelers dreaming of a black python eating a chicken are advised to stop in case of storm and postpone the trip.

Those who go to school dreaming of holding a black chicken:The first attempt is unfavorable, then again favorable.

People who are traveling dreamed of black chickens pecking their little nephews:Suggest going out smoothly.

People dreaming of chickens floating chickens floating out of the chicken is a black chicken:Means that the body take care of more, joyful, and modest can be transitory.

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