What does dreaming about confession mean?

If you are traveling and dream of making a confession:You are advised to postpone your trip.

If you are traveling and dream of a successful confession:You are advised to choose another date for departure.

A traveler dreaming of a failed confession is advised to postpone the trip.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a refused confession predicts the birth of a daughter; beware of fire and water.

Those who dreamed of unsuccessful confession suggest going out between fall and winter.

People in love dreamed of a white cat in confession:Suggesting a house first, marriage can be accomplished, and the season is prolonged.

Doing business dreamed of confession was rejected after there is backtracking:Represents a lot of losses, reorganization, should be guarded should not enter.

People dreaming of a confession that is unsuccessful in the current year implies that career is not going well:Be careful with fire and water, and guard against official symbols.

Pregnant people dreaming of confessing a white cat:Predicting the birth of a male, August birth of a female, moving the fetus to prevent miscarriage.

Doing business dreamed of confession failure:At first unfavorable business, slowly on track after more successful.

People in love dreaming of confession failure:Suggests that relatives have opinions, do not be discouraged, there is hope for marriage.

People in business dreaming of a failed confession to someone who is unwilling to give up:Represents sincerity in dealing with things can be successful in development.

People dreaming of success in confession in the current year of life implies that being too stubborn is prone to failure:And that being able to overcome weakness will lead to success as desired.

People in business dreaming of confession being rejected:Represents ups and downs and obstacles, it is better to pause for a while and start again.

People in love dreaming of confession being rejected:Stubborn, strong, and difficult to make peace with.

Doing business dreamed of confessing white cat:On behalf of ups and downs, poor fortune, be careful to prevent beauty plan.

Traveling people dreaming of confessing together:Suggests that in case of rain, stop, postpone departure.

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