What does dreaming about complaints symbolize

A traveler dreaming of someone complaining about me is advised to come and go safely.

A traveler dreaming of complaining about customer service is advised to go back and forth smoothly and safely.

Traveling people dreaming of others complaining about me:Suggest postponing travel for a few days.

Pregnant people dreaming of others complaining:Predicts birth of a daughter, be careful of water and fire.

People who are traveling dreamed of complaining about merchants:Suggests stopping in case of rain, postponing departure.

People dreaming of complaints in the current year of life:Committing bankruptcy, theft and loss of property, friend betrayal, all things are not good.

People in business dream of complaining about customer service:Representing ups and downs, and finally paperwork litigation.

People in love dreaming of other people's complaints:Indicates that there is honesty in treating marriage can be accomplished.

Pregnant people dreaming of work inviting customer complaints:Predicting that a male child can be expected, spring occupying a female child.

People in love dreaming of filing a complaint indicates that marriage can be accomplished if treated with honesty and integrity.

People in business dreamed of complaining about a waiter:Representing smooth as expected, having wealth and profit, being careful with money in and out.

A pregnant woman dreaming of knocking on a door and causing a complaint predicts the birth of a boy. April to give birth to a girl.

Pregnant people dreaming of complaints against me:Foretelling the birth of a boy, summer occupying the birth of a girl, be careful to prevent moving the fetus.

If you dream of complaining against a nurse:Have confidence, success will be yours, make more efforts.

Travelers dreaming of complaining about a nurse:Autumn less to go, postpone going out.

Pregnant people dreaming of employee complaints:Foretells the birth of a man, summer occupies the birth of a woman, less out of doors.

Doing business dreamed of complaining about others:Obstacle in the first, fire candle careful, gradually smooth get wealth.

Pregnant people dreaming of complaints against merchants:Predicting the birth of a boy. July and August to give birth to a woman, prevent miscarriage.

Doing business dreamed of calling and complaining:Strong and careless failure, modesty and retreat is smooth.

Traveling people dreamed of being complained in class:Suggesting delayed travel in case of rain or wind.

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