What does it mean when I dream of being dropped on my own bike?

A pregnant woman dreaming of being thrown off her bike predicts the birth of a daughter. Be careful not to move the fetus:And don't go to the West.

For a businessman to dream that I was thrown off my bicycle:It means that the business will start to gain profit, but later on there will be disagreement, and the business will go downhill.

People in love dreaming of me riding a bicycle being dropped:Suggesting that as long as the female parent agrees, marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of seeing a child being dropped on a bicycle in the year of one's life means that all things will be hindered and not in good condition:And that the family gods and ancestors will be in harm's way, so it is advisable to investigate.

Pregnant people dreaming of a child riding a bicycle being dropped:Foretelling the birth of a man, winter occupies the birth of a woman, be careful to prevent fetal gas.

Doing business dreamed that his father broke his leg riding a bicycle:Representing the operation of many years of slow growth, wealth and profit, beware of fire.

People in love dreaming of others riding a bicycle fall bleeding:Suggests that although some small mouth there, misunderstanding away marriage can be accomplished.

Traveling people dreaming of being disfigured by a fall:Suggests smooth as desired peace.

Doing business dreamed of loved ones riding bicycle fall fracture:Represents a slight upturn, fails to achieve the ideal. It is advisable to work hard.

Pregnant people dreaming of bleeding from a bicycle fall:Predicting the birth of a male child, and the birth of a female child in summer. Do not move the earth.

People in love dreamed that I was hit by a bicyclist and flew away:Indicating that although there are conceptual deviations, it is good to communicate with each other.

Pregnant people dreaming of seeing their father's leg broken on a bicycle:Predicting the birth of a boy, safe and smooth.

Doing business dreamed that a child was dropped on a bicycle:Representing that at the beginning of wealth and profit is smooth, and then more and more obstacles are unfavorable.

People dreaming of a child riding a bicycle and bleeding mean that they will get what they want:But be careful of rumors and lawsuits.

People in love dreaming of children riding a bicycle being dropped:Suggests excessive comparison, personal affinity is different, it is advisable to be more sympathetic can be accomplished.

Pregnant people dreaming of falling on their face while riding a bicycle:Predicting the birth of a daughter. In January and February, a boy will be born.

People who go to school dreaming of seeing their father breaking his leg on a bicycle means that their grades are unsatisfactory and they are not admitted to the school.

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