What is the omen of dreaming of quarrelling with your boss and trying to hit him

A pregnant woman dreaming of quarrelling with her boss and wanting to hit him is predicting the birth of a boy. A girl is expected in June or July:Preventing premature labor.

People in love dreaming of quarrelling with their boss and wanting to beat him:Suggests that both sides are intentional and suffer from small people's sabotage.

For those who dreamed of quarreling with a superior and wanting to beat him:It represents a smooth start, a midway gain in wealth and profit, and a loss in the end due to a lot of wrongdoings.

People dreaming of quarrelling with their bosses and trying to beat them up in the year of one's life means that there are many entanglements:And the beginning of the year is not going well, but afterward, one's luck is getting better and better.

According to Zhouyi five elements analysis:Lucky color is black, lucky number is 3, peach blossom position is in northwest direction, wealth position is in southeast direction, lucky food is ginger.

If a pregnant woman dreams of her boss quarreling and quitting her job:She is predicting the birth of a male child, while a female child is expected in spring and summer.

If a businessman dreams of seeing his boss quarreling and quitting his job:It means that although there are obstacles at the beginning, he will be able to get rich in half a year's time.

A businessman dreaming of quarrelling with his boss represents an unsuccessful start:Between movement and stopping, and it is better to guard than to advance.

A pregnant woman dreaming of quarrelling with her boss predicts the birth of a daughter. A man will be born in spring.

For those who go to school:Dreaming of quarreling with a person and breaking up with him, means poor performance in the liberal arts and difficulty in getting into the exams as desired.

For those who are in love:Dreaming that I want to beat him to death, suggests mutual understanding and respect, and marriage can be accomplished.

People in business dreamed of quarreling with colleague and boss supporting him:Representing appropriate retreat and defense, big operation, big failure.

People dreaming of going to school dreamed that I wanted to beat him to death:Means not being able to get admission as desired.

A pregnant woman dreaming of quarreling with her leader and resigning from her job predicts the birth of a male child. A woman born in spring would be prevented from moving the fetus.

A traveler dreaming of someone trying to beat me up and he didn't dare to do so:Suggests to be careful in case of water and fire, and can postpone going out.

Pregnant people dreaming of sweeping leaves and trying to hit someone without finding him:Predicting the birth of a boy, do not approach the water, prevent miscarriage.

Traveling people dreamed of quarreling and fighting with relatives:Suggest postponing going out for three days.

Traveling people dreaming of quarrel with boss meaning:Suggests encountering wind and rain will change the date of travel.

Traveling person dreamed of naked boyfriend wanting to beat him to death:Suggests postponing the date of travel, be careful in case of water and fire.

People dreaming of having a quarrel with one's boss and resigning from a job means that quarrels and quarrels are unavoidable and one should be careful in case of lawsuits or fires.

Those who are traveling dreamed of quarreling with their former bosses:Suggesting unfavorable far profit, postponing the date before going out.

A pregnant woman dreaming of having her pockets taken wrongly by someone who tried to beat me predicts the birth of a daughter:Preventing fetal demise.

Pregnant people dreaming of quarrelling with family members and crying:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, winter occupying the birth of a man, be careful to prevent fetal death in the womb.

A dream of a businessman dreaming of quarreling and fighting with his relatives represents a retreat from all matters and a loss of business.

People dreaming of quarrelling with a colleague and having a fight with his supervisor means bad luck in exams and unsatisfactory grades:But a favorable exam in the fall.

A pregnant woman dreaming of quarrelling and fighting with her relatives predicts the birth of a daughter:Postponing labor and delivery.

For those who dreamed of seeing their supervisors quarreling and resigning:It means that their hearts are not impatient and they will be admitted smoothly.

Dreaming of quarrelling with your boss and trying to beat him up:Your luck will be smooth in these two days, you don't need to worry too much about things at home, your family will organize everything properly. You can concentrate on your work, encounter difficulties may wish to communicate with your supervisor, colleagues, will receive assistance and support. Take some time in the evening to visit friends and relatives, and mutual communication will bring you good luck.

If a pregnant person dreams of quarreling with her boss and quitting her job:She foretells the birth of a daughter with thinning hair. Prevent miscarriage.

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