What do you dream about when you burn water and rice lines cut off the electrici

If you are traveling and you dream of burning water and rice:You are advised to stop if it rains, but you can travel on a sunny day.

People who go to school dreaming of burning water and rice line power failure:Means that you can expect to be admitted, liberal arts more attentive.

Doing business dreamed of burning water and rice line cut off:Representing smooth operation, making money and benefit, only slower progress.

Pregnant people dreaming of boiling water and rice lines cut off:Predicting the birth of a daughter, three years after conception.

People in love dreamed of boiling water and rice line power failure:Suggesting that marriage can be accomplished with honesty and sincerity.

People in business dreamed of seeing a dog's head with power failure:Representing that although things are going well, the progress is very slow, and it is prudent to guard against being sabotaged.

Doing business dreamed of lightning strike power failure:Represents although smooth, progress is very slow, be careful to prevent being destroyed.

For a businessman to dream of a power line being cut off:Represents that the business is not going well at first, but will gradually go well and get rich.

Pregnant people dreamed of power failure:Predicting the birth of a daughter, winter occupying the birth of a male, avoid moving the earth, moving the fetus.

If a traveler dreams of burning rice with money:He is advised to travel on a sunny day.

A businessman dreaming of a power failure represents stable operation and no changes. It will be smooth and will not make much money.

A dream that a person who goes to school sees water boiling in a pot means that there will be ups and downs:But be patient and you will finally get what you want.

A pregnant woman dreaming of ripping off an electric wire predicts the birth of a boy. In summer:A woman is expected to be born, to prevent a difficult labor.

A pregnant woman dreaming that she is preparing to burn rice:Foretells the birth of a boy, and delays the birth of a baby.

To dream of boiling water represents difficulty.

To dream of boiling water and having the power cut off at the cooking line:The help of others is a turnaround for you in these two days! You tend to have such luck, so don't worry too much about everything! Certain ideas that have been suppressed for a long time or were originally dead in the water will make a comeback in these two days!

If a pregnant person dreams of burning rice and snowing:It predicts the birth of a daughter, and it is forbidden to move the earth to prevent a miscarriage.

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