What does it symbolize to dream that someone said two people died in my bed?

A dream that someone said that two people died in my bed means that you will not get good grades in liberal arts.

If you are pregnant and dream that someone said that two people died in my bed:You are predicting the birth of a boy. A woman born in June or July, preventing premature labor.

People in love dreaming of people saying I've had two dead people in my bed:Suggesting a match made in heaven, a couple with destiny, withstand the test, marriage can be accomplished.

Doing business dreamed that someone said that two people died in my bed:Representing the hard work of the operation, get friends to help and then successfully get money.

People dreaming in the year of life to see someone say I had two dead people in bed:Means to have confidence in dealing with things, there are ups and downs in the fall, but also can be resolved.

Travelers dreaming of village dead two people:Suggests that when encountering water, stop, be careful to guard, can be safe.

Dreaming of two dead people in the village:These two days in the emotional aspect, you have to let the lover himself understand, feelings are needed two people to operate together, your current problems are often solved.

This year's people dreamed of two people with a knife cut me want to tell me to die:Means that you can not keep the old, should match the trend of footsteps, careful to prevent lawsuits.

Those who are traveling dreamed of sleeping in a bed with two people:Suggest that there are many obstacles. Postpone traveling.

A traveler dreaming of two people dying in someone's house is advised to postpone departure if there is a gale. Pay attention to safety at the water's edge.

Travelers dreaming of two people jumping off a building without dying suggest postponing the trip.

People dreaming of seeing two people die in a village means that one can expect to be admitted to a school:And one should be more attentive to the liberal arts.

Doing business dreamed two people with knife cut me want to tell me to die:On behalf of planning carefully before proceeding, otherwise suffer failure.

Pregnant people dreaming of two people sitting on the bed:Predicting the birth of a male, fall occupying the birth of a female, mother and child peace.

Travelers dreaming of a car crushing two people to death:Suggest that there is wind, delay before departure.

People doing business dreamed of two people dying:Representing although smooth, progress is very slow, be careful not to be sabotaged.

Those who dreamed of seeing two people die in someone's house implies that they are a bit dissatisfied with the liberal arts and can expect to be admitted.

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