What does it mean to dream that your bed is on fire?

Dreaming that a bed is on fire and then an old house is on fire means that you will fail to get a good grade in liberal arts.

For a businessman to dream that his bed is on fire and then his old house is on fire:It means that his business will fluctuate and he should keep a watchful eye on it. Autumn is favorable.

People dreaming of seeing a bed on fire and then an old house on fire in the year of one's life means that happy events are approaching:Smooth as desired, and it is better to keep things as they are.

Those who dreamed of seeing their sleeping bed on fire:Suggest that they should go out safely as scheduled.

Doing business dreamed of bed on fire:Have wealth and profit, business a little obstacle, prevent lawsuit.

People dreaming of going to school dreaming of their sleeping bed on fire:Means confident to take the test, good luck, be especially careful when taking the oral test.

People dreaming of bed on fire burned up:Means magnanimity, everything goes well, do not be with people to be safe and sound.

Doing business dreamed of children bed on fire:On behalf of smooth caution against small man design, pause for a period of time and then start.

Traveling people dreamed of seeing their sleeping bed on fire:Suggesting that unexpected events delay the date of travel.

Pregnant people dreamed of bed on fire:Give birth to a daughter, spring month accounted for the birth of a man, peace.

People dreaming of children's beds on fire:Means great loss of vitality, physical weakness, all things are unfavorable, wealth does not gather.

People in love dreamed of bed on fire:Match made in heaven, destiny couple, withstand the test, marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of bed on fire in this year:The best retreat for to, can not have the idea of entrepreneurial investment.

People in love dreamed of dreaming of sleeping in a bed on fire:Indicating that both sides communicate with each other, can be married.

People traveling dreamed of seeing their bed on fire:Suggest postponing departure for some reason. It is better to go out in spring.

Pregnant people dreaming of a child's bed on fire:Predicting the birth of a daughter, spring accounted for a man. Avoid moving the earth and moving the fetus.

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