What does dreaming about a severed tendon symbolize

People who dream of severed tendons while traveling are advised to stop in case of water and postpone the trip.

A dream of a broken tendon for a school student implies a successful admission after a failed experience.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a severed tendon predicts the birth of a boy in August. The mother is safe and the son is unfavorable.

For a person in love to dream of a severed tendon:It means that after a period of obstacles, the marriage will finally be accomplished.

For a businessman to dream of a severed tendon:It means that the fishery industry is unfavorable for businessmen and frozen food. Losing money first and then making money later.

If a traveler dreams that his lower teeth are broken and half of his upper teeth are broken:Beware of fire and postpone the trip.

If a person dreaming in the year of life sees a tendon dragon:It means that there will be some obstacles in the spring and summer, and then things will go smoothly, and the person will be able to gain wealth and profit.

Doing business dreamed of lower teeth broken light upper teeth broken in half:Business loss loss more, advisable to retreat for good.

Doing business dreamed of river water bridge break a break a break:On behalf of the phenomenon of change of profession and change of occupation, it is advisable to be more careful, otherwise the loss is greater.

Doing business dreamed of transit beads red rope broken beads broken:On behalf of the social situation caused by the poor weather, operation is not good.

People in love dreaming of rope to break unbroken:Indicating that there are small people to destroy, can firmly believe that marriage can be accomplished.

Those who dreamed of seeing a tendon dragon in a dream means that there are many obstacles to fulfill one's wish.

Dreaming of severing a tendon:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, the lucky color is red, lucky number is 6, peach blossom position is in the southwest direction, the wealth position is in the west direction, lucky food is kiwi.

If a traveler dreams that a house beam is about to be broken but not yet broken:He is advised to stop if there is wind, and travel if it is sunny.

A pregnant woman dreaming of a broken bridge over a river predicts the birth of a male child. A girl will be born in April or May. Pay attention to your diet in summer.

People in business dreaming of a house with a broken beam represent a slow progress and smooth progress to gain money:But should change more.

People in love dream of breaking two upper incisors broken:Indicating that both parents agree to extend the marriage time.

Pregnant people dreaming of a tree branch about to break and not breaking:Predicting the birth of a daughter, October accounted for the birth of a man.

Pregnant people dreaming of a rope that is about to break but has not yet broken:Foretelling the birth of a daughter, for the safety of mother and child, it is better to wait for labor in the hospital.

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