Meaning of Dreaming of Old House Collapsing

A pregnant woman dreaming of an old house collapsing will give birth to a daughter:So be careful when driving and don't move the fetus.

People in business dreaming of old houses collapsing:Losing property, losing money, preventing fire and lawsuits, lest it be worse.

People in love dreamed of old house collapsing:Both parents agreed to extend the marriage time.

People dreaming of old house collapsing in the current year of life:Less going to the water's edge, being an economist, real estate making money and gaining profit.

Those who are traveling dreamed of seeing the collapse of an old house; a smooth round trip as expected.

Traveling people dreaming of conferring in an old house:Suggesting that if there is rain, then stop, postpone and go out again.

A person dreaming of a house collapse in his current year of life would be victimized by feng shui:And his ancestors' graves would be insecure, and he would go backward without advancing.

Those who dreamed of seeing an old house on the road suggested that the sky is not what one would like it to be and postponed the trip.

Dreaming of old house collapse:Today may face the pressure of elders or superiors, face the accusation of the time or honest good, don't hope to resist, it is just futile, and things will be more trouble pain.

People in business dream of seeing the collapse of a southern house:Representing honesty, unity and hard work, career development.

People in love dreamed of moving back to the old house:Indicating that marriage can be accomplished if they are of one heart and one mind.

People dreaming of the collapse of the ancestral house:Family turmoil is unavoidable, but only peace and forbearance can be resolved.

Pregnant people dreamed of seeing the collapse of the old house:Giving birth to a daughter, winter occupying the birth of a man, be careful of fire and water.

Pregnant people dreaming of renovating an old house predicted that they could expect to give birth to a boy:And a girl in spring.

People in business dreamed of moving back to an old house:Representing that an intermediary gets wealth, grasping a good opportunity.

A traveler dreaming of running out of a collapsed house suggests a smooth journey.

A traveler dreaming of seeing an old house turned into a new one would be better off going out as scheduled with fewer changes.

People dreaming of going to school dreaming of the collapse of an ancestral house:Not impatient, smooth admission.

A businessman dreaming of a fire in an old house represents many difficulties:No big investment and unfavorable loss.

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