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Most of our custom woodworking/Furniture work is one-of-a-kind pieces. The works we build are mainly influenced by Chinese and Japanese design along with more traditional English or American work. We are fascinated by the intricacies of local Chinese joinery and enjoy working on projects that show the beauty of real wood while at the same time incorporating curves and angles to create shapes that are pleasing to the eye. We ONLY work with reclaimed or sustainable woods. If you are interested in a custom made piece please feel free to contact me below. For more information contact:

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Traditional Rattan Weave Skills
This is the origional bed want to replaced in the Spa Room:
Hi Royal I have included pictures of our current Kang Bed. This is the current bed we are replacing. We would like to take A1S2127 from your webpage, BUT:
1.Needs to be dark wood/black so the color is the same as our current one.
2.Is the bed open on top so we can continue to drape?
3.Measurements we need is:
Height = 109 inches
Depth = 73 inches
Width = 95 inches
4.Mattress space we have now is 66.5 inches x 92 inches. Can you provide a new mattress however?
I have included contacts in Hong Kong and Shanghai on this email so they are aware of our requests. I am working on the vendor set-up here in New York City. My previous email requests an updates W8 form. Thank you
Mandarin Oriental, New York
The Spa
80 Columbus Circle at 60th st
New York,NY 10023 USA
tel +1 (212) 805 8800
+ 1 (212) 805 8867
facsimile + 1 (212) 805 8886
Dear Sir,
I am writing to ask if you can help me by making a stand for my antique Chinese clock.  The had a stand, but unfortunately this has got lost over the years and I would like to have one made to replace it. Picture 1 shows how the clock would look with the stand, picture 2 shows the clock by the side of the stand.  It is only the stand that I need. The measurements are as follows 10 3/8" high x  8 3/4" wide x 4 7/8" deep.  This is the size of the clock itself -  the stand would need to be a little wider and deeper in order for the clock to go in and out easily.  The height of the sides of the stand which retain the clock is not too important, they should probably be about 4" higher than the top of the carved part of the stand. The style of the carving on the stand can also be according to what pattern you are able to supply.  (The last picture shows the case of my clock (the actual clock is being repaired).  AS you can see, the case is decorated with mother of pearl but this is not needed for the stand). I would like the stand to be made of rosewood or similar.  As it would be quite a small item, I would like to have it sent to me by Parcel Post, not as part of a container load, because it is much easier for me to deal with the postal customs department. Do you think you could make this for me? the colour should match my present clock as well.  If you need more pictures or measurements or any other information,please let me know and I shall be happy to supply them. I hope to hear from you soon and remain. With thanks and best wishes, John Dyall from England


Clients comments after received on 2015/06/09

Dear Mr. Hsu,Today the parcel arrived!  I was so surprised, I had not expected it to arrive so fast.  I was very excited and opened the box very carefully.  The clock stand is beautiful and, best of all, the size fits the clock perfectly!   Everything is just right, perhaps the colour could have been a little bit darker, but I think with time it will age and get a bit darker.You packed the item so well it arrived completely undamaged and to my surprise, the customs did not charge me anything at all!  All in all, I am very pleased with the stand you have made.Shall I tell you something? Many people told me that I was crazy to order something like this  from a person I did not know and to send quite a lot of money so far away to a company I had never used before.  Well, now I can tell them that they were wrong and that everything was done well and professionally throughout the entire transaction.Once again, thank you for all your help in this matter, for keeping me up to date with the progress and the photos which you sent me.  And please be sure to thank the worker who made it and who appears in one of the pictures you sent.I wish you all happiness and success in the future.With thanks and best wishes John Dyall

Manufacturing Process of 2 ladders in Jing Bar(material:Stainless Steel):      
Manufacturing Process of ladder in Tivano restaurant(material:Stainless Steel):    
this traditional chinese pavilion showcase is designed for a marriage company here in Shanghai, which is for a treasure box put inside for guest's luck draw. the above is the origional idea how we build this showcase.Bottom carving one size: W150xD120xH80cm Weight:100kgs,Middle metal size: W132xD102xH90cm Weight:40kgs,Top roof size:W194xD190xH72cm Weight:80kgs
Royal Hsu(Designer)
This metal stand showcase is designed for a marriage company here in Shanghai, which is for a treasure box put inside for guest's luck draw. the right is the origional idea how we build this showcase. Size: as the drawing, Weight:100kgs Royal Hsu(designer)
The Above are the images provided by the clients, he needs to order one tv cabinet sizse at W158xD40xH66cm. The Left are the TV Cabinet what we produced.

I am an Australian artist looking for someone to construct a print cabinet for me. It would basically be a chest of drawers with broad, shallow drawers for storing sheets of paper. Attached are images of a piece of furniture which would suit me perfectly. The dimensions are: height: 142 cm, width: 112 cm, depth: 76 cm.If you are interested in making such an item, I would be very grateful if you could give me an idea of the price of reproducing the piece shown, including shipping to Albion in Brisbane, Australia. I understand that the cost would vary according to the timber used and would be interested to know some options in this regard. In a piece such as this, I think it is important for the drawers to run smoothly.Yours Sincerely, David Henderson

  1930 Shanghai Art Deco Sofa Wooden Frame
Custom Made by Oak Wood
American Style Furniture
Custom Made by sold wood

Attached here are photos of dinner tables. Can you custom made it into my type as per the picture? The most important table for my client is the fruit birch wood table #3. Please give me your price estimate landed in New York City. size is 29” High x 48” Diameter. Do you have fruit wood or birch in your factory? The alternative is Birch Wood with lacquer to make this color in the photo. I must have delivery to New York in November.

Ronald Solomon 400 East 54th Street 23-E New York, NY 10022

Name:Hand Carved Two Tiger Small Wooden
Box(two tiger means Mom and Baby)
Material:Camphor Wood

p.s: We follow the idea from our clients to make the box as a gift to mother and growing baby for keeping the photo album.

Name:TV cabinet with
Natural Colour
Material:Elm Wood

I would like Style A1S1918 Chinese Scroll Table 61"Long 23" Wide 18"High Can thiis be done in a light color unstained or not lacquered? I plan to have a color applied here in NY. Please advise: Price,Shipping Cost, Delivery Date. Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Patrick Groenendaal

I am looking for two wood chests to complete a set of 3. I have the small size already. But the place I bought it from does not have it anymore. I know it comes from a company named Golden Craft Factory but I have not heard back from them. I have attached pictures of my chest. Also attached is a picture of the other two chests. (Sorry it is the only one I could find) This is the description I have along with the dimensions in INCHES. "Angel & Religious LOCKS &KEYS Includes working decorative locks and keys DESCRIPTION OF HAND CARVINGS: Beautiful hand carved ANGELS & CHERUBS scenes surround the chests. The top and all 4 sides of these chests are hand carved. WOOD TYPE: Inside is fully lined in camphor wood. Outside is robin wood, an excellent semi-hardwood for hand carving. SIZES INCLUDED: Medium Size: L34 x D17 x H19" Large Size: L40 x D21 x H24" INCHES Please let me know as soon as possible if you can make both the medium and large chests. Also a price, a shipping price, and insurane price for Morgantown, West Virginia, United States of America. Thank you. Meghan Mills

Dear Mrs.Megan,

We are capable to reproduce them, but the cost of the trunks are as follows:

Medium Size: L34 x D17 x H19" US$ 460
Large Size: L40 x D21 x H24" INCHES US$ 680.

I show your photoes while we finished the photoes.

Thanks.Royal Hsu

Client drawing
Furniture finished.


TV Console: 36"W 18"D 39"H

1. Lattice work for the doors - pattern is the same one the 4pcs/set nesting table.

2. Drawings for Front View, Back Panel, and Inside Shelf for TV console


client feedback. Hi Mr. Royal,Wow ¨C my furniture looks so beautiful on the website! My drawing of the TV Cabinet is so funny! Potential customers will see Shanghai Furniture¡¯s amazing talent, especially in understanding rough draw ingI can¡¯t wait for the furniture to arrive, and I will keep in touch to let you know! Mary North Miami Beach FL 33160 USA
Client drawing
Furniture finished.

Item Number: FC0027
Name:Chinese Red Medicine Cabinet
Size in cm: W95xD35xH105cm
Size in Inch: 37.41"Wx13.78"Dx41.34"H
Material: elm wood
Price: USD 599




Finished(colour: no.4 natural brown)

Name:Wooden Cabinet for TV/Entertainment Equipment
Material:Recycled Elm wood

Enquiry: Dear Mr. Hsu,Thank you for your patience...I would like to order Chinese screen door cabinet #A1S0332 as shown online 64 inches wide, but 18 inches deep and 65 inches high. I have one other request...I have enclosed pictures of an American TV it possible you could hinge the doors so they fold back along the sides of the cabinet as they do in the pictures of the American cabinet? Please advise...if you will give me a total price, with insurance against damage in shipping, I will bank transfer this week. Thank you so much, Jeannette Ellis Marathon, Florida 33050 USA

Answer: Dear Jeannette Ellis, Thanks for your email. Followings are the details:
Name:Chinese Screen Door Cabinet
Material:Cedar Wood
Size(cm):W163 x D46 x H165cm
Size(Inch): 64"W x 18"D x 65"H
Price after discount: USD 969.
Shipping charge to Miami Florida is USD 300. Insurance cost: USD 25.
manfacturing requests: according to buyer's pictures. (hinge the doors so they fold back along the sides of the cabinet same with the American cabinet)
The production will takes around 20 days. and while it finished, we will show you the detailed photoes. while the photoes has been approved by you, we will processed next for shipping.
Tks and we are hoping to hearing from you sooner! Best regards, Royal Hsu managing director

Enquiry: Hello! I'm interested in having your company build a custom CD cabinet, similar to one of the items you have listed on your website. I like many of your designs, they're so beautiful, but this one stands out as my favorite: Hopefully, you can create a similar (though larger) cabinet for me, but using a different drawer orientation. I've attached two small pictures to this email, one is my preferred layout, the second is an alternate. I imagine ring-pulls on all the doors, even the bottom ones, unless you have any other suggestions. Based on what you need for CD-storage, label facing upwards, and DVD Storage (bottom row) could you draft up a price quote and approximate dimensions? Also, how many CD's fit in each drawer on your normal designs?Shipping would be to Boston, MA, USA - zipcode 02118. I'd like any assistance you can provide on importing it as well. Best Wishes,Evan

Answer: Dear Evan,Thanks for your email. We can reproduce the nice cabinet for you. before we pack the item for shipping, we will show you the detailed photoes like what we are doing for our other clients. from your email, we understand the cabinet you are looking for make are as follows:

name: CD cabinet
size: W160 x D38 x H95cm
Material: recycled elm wood
Hardware: Ring Pulls
Price: USD 699
colour: brown colour

for your reference, for each drawers can be put into 10CD boxes....the shipping charge for ship the above CD cabinet from Shanghai China to Boston MA USA is USD 300. the shipping time will take 30 days. WE will let you know while te piece arrived at Boston MA USA.

Design for Korean Client
Name:Chinese Jewellery Cabinet in Red Colour
Material:Elm Wood
TV armoire finished
Name:Natural Colour Entertainment Center
Material:Elm Wood
Size(cm):W131*D66* H153cm

Enquiry: Hello, I am looking for a quote for a TV cabinet. I have two different designs in mind and my wife is not sure what style she likes best. The first two pictures show one style, with dimensions. The third picture is blurry (sorry) but it is basically a small cabinet with two small step tansu pieces as accent on the sides. The dimensions listed are from the brochure. I would need different ones. The inside width dimension for the center would need to be the same as the first style (41.5) and the inside height would need to be 29 inches. I would like the doors to open then slide in as the TV would be inside the cabinet. Two center drawers below the main cabinet are fine but I would need the two side step pieces to have lattice doors. (to allow remote control of DVD player inside) Would this be possible? If you can, I would like to get a separate quote for each piece, plus packing and shipping cost to Japan. I live in Hachinohe which is in northern Japan. I am not sure if you can ship it here (we have a small port) or Aomori (which is a larger port) or if I will need to pick it up in Tokyo (about 8 hours away). Thank you for you time. I look forward to hearing from you.Matt from Yokohama Japan

Name:Japanese Style Tatami Bed
Material:Elm Wood
Size(cm):W180*D210* H40cm
Enquires: I am very interested in purchasing item A1S0617, the Ming leg platform bed in a queen size. I need to know what the shipping charges would be to Louisville, Kentucky. A quick response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. SusanItem#:A1S1438
Name:Japanese Style Tatami Bed
Material:Elm Wood
Size(cm):W180*D210* H40cm
Name:Chinese Antique Bed with Rattan

Enquires: I am looking for a quote for a bed like the A1S1288, and needs to be done by recycled elm wood and into black colour. is it possible? ... ....Ken from Providence, RI 02906 USA

Item# :FC0021
Name :Chinese Flat Bed
Material :recycled elm wood
Enquires: HI, i am interested in the Chairs A1S0805,but I want to ask you if it is possible for me to have one pair(2pcs) ? Tks. Chris from Calabassas CA 91302 USA
HI Lauren this bed was antique one, history around 200 years old,and we will need few days on refinish it, and the final results will be same with the picture. the size is 95.67"W x 55.91"D x 32.68"H, and was 200 years old. the original place was from Shandong province. before pack it and moving shipping to Salt Lake City Utah USA, we will show you its detailed photoes by email.Royal Hsu
Enquires: Hello Mr.Royal Hsu, I want to buy a wooden cabinet which can be my entertainment center, to put TV,DVD,TV Players, inside.the size should be 180Width 48Depth 60Height in centimeters. and I mostly like Chinese Peony. can you please put this design into your work? tks. Chang-woo from Seoul Southern KoreaConfirmations: thanks for your email. the price of such TV wooden cabinet is USD 799 and plus USD 220 to be as the shipping charge to Seoul Southern Korea. it would take us 20 days to finish the cabinet. tks and best regards,Royal Hsu
Enquires: hi, we are interested in the following piece: Item#:A1S0049 Name:BLACK STAINED TV ARMOIRE Material:Cedar Wood Size(Inch):68"Hx41.5"Wx23.5"D
Size(cm):H173XW105XD60cm Price:USD899 But we want to change the size into W114xD64xH183cm, and put another shelf inside of the cabinet. And two doors can be slided into the both sides. is it possible? best regards, Richard from New York NY 10025 USA
Confirmations: We can reproduce the another cabinet fo you, which is same design and function with the item number A1S0049, but size is W114xD64xH183cm(2shelves,and the 2doors can be slided into the cabinet). and with good brass hardware. the time for us to build the cabinet will be taking 20 days. tks and best regards, Royal Hsu
Enquires: I want to buy the chairs on Item#:E1S0275 Name:Pair of Chinese Antique Horseshoe Chairs circa 1880 Material:Elm wood Period:19th century Size in CM:W72xD51xH82cm Size in Inch:W28xD20xH32" Pair Price:US$695 for 2pcs How do we proceed? A Bank transfer? shipping will be San Francisco, California. KarenConfirmations:Dear Karen, thanks for your email. the payment terms is via bank telegraphic transfer. and it will spend us 20 days to finish the production on the chairs while our bank got confirmation received your funds. the shipping charge from Shanghai China to San Francisco CA USA is USD 220. and the shipping time will take around 30 days. tks and please give us confirmatons...tks. Royal Hsu
Enquires: To be honest I am also interested in the trunk shown in this link from your competitor (Item ID: TR-017p3) .and your this competitor also comes from Shanghai I believe; however, I cannot seem to seem to get in touch with the manufacturer / they do not respond to my inquiry. If you can find/locate this particular trunk I would be very happy to do business with you assuming we can agree on a priceConfirmations:Dear Thomas Spak,Thanks for your email. Followings are our confirmations: item number: TR-017p3 name: wooden trunk Size(inch): 47.58"Wx23.01"Dx35.88"H material: elm wood Price:US$886 Price after 50% discount off: US$443 the shipping charge for ship the above 1pcs from Shanghai China to New York USA is USD 220. So the full amount is USD 663. the shipping time will take around 30 days. After the trunk TR-017p3 finished, we will show you the detailed photoes. While confirmed, we will pack it and then move for shipping to New York. tks Royal Hsu
Enquires:I am interested in having a kang coffee table with drawers made using reclaimed recycled elm wood. About 46 Inchesx34 Inchesx17 Inches height. I need for the wood to look old with a smooth, worn patina and would like to use recycled recycled elm wood. I have circled some joints in the picture, not sure what they are called but I like them. Same hardware as picture, again antique or aged. Is this something you can do? Price? Shipping to the US cost? Thanks for your help, Lynette from New York Confirmations:Thanks for your email. Lynette, the time for us to finish building the attached coffee table take 7 days, which is keeping the original patina, and use the recycled recycled elm wood, its size will be 46 Inchesx34 Inchesx17 Inches height, and with the two sides of 3drawers. pls see attached photoes
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